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The discovery of a biopesticide as effective as other commonly-used chemical products, with fewer applications, is a breakthrough for melon growers, as they will be able to count on a substitute for those cases where Sulfoxaflor cannot be used due to MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) restrictions, contributing to a more sustainable, safer agriculture. The results obtained thanks to this MAAVi Lab may give us a clear competitive advantage.

Juan Puchades
Managing Director for Brazil and Sustainability Manager


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Strategic plan

Common challenges

Transition from synthetic chemicals to natural solutions

Agronomic challenge

Sustainable management of aphid pests, whose impact may end up in yield losses of up to 80% when not efficiently managed

During the most critical season, with a very persistent aphid population (over 100 individuals per leaf), and applied 20 days before harvest, the biopesticide under development by MAAVi Innovation Center not only achieves the same efficacy as the most commonly-used chemical, but also helps to achieve nearly 100% efficacy when combined with that pesticide, reducing the number of applications by half.

Specializing in the production and commercialization of fruits, especially high-end citrus fruits and melons, the Bollo Group counts among its key agronomic challenges the sustainable management of pests, whose impact can lead to a production loss of up to 80% when it is not carried out efficiently.

After 2 applications at one-week intervals and 3 weeks of rigorous assessment of the aphid population, our Kimitec experts and the BOLLO field team concluded that one of the three biopesticidal prototypes equaled the efficacy of the most popular chemical alternative, Sulfoxaflor.

Field assessments also showed that combining Kimitec’s new formulation with Sulfoxaflor offered nearly 100% efficacy in just one application, reducing the number of applications by half for the control of a persistent population.

Actual sostenibility

Analyze waste management procedures to promote the upcycling of the company's by-products, which have a negative impact on the environment and on their operating account

The fruit’s physical appearance is highly important in melon crops. Fruits may be discarded due to their size and other minimal defects, despite the high value they can reach thanks to their sugar content.

 According to estimates, hundreds of thousands of kilos of melons and watermelons are discarded weekly, regardless of the month of the year.

Kimitec analyzes the composition of melons to evaluate the feasibility of upcycling processes for the waste generated due to these strict commercial requirements.

Other projects are also under study:

  • Utilization of seeds as animal feed.
  • Obtaining juice from melon pulp and subsequent use of a vacuum concentrator to obtain a syrup with sufficient degrees Brix for preservation (multiple applications in the food industry as a natural sweetener, sugar supply or in fermentation processes).
  • Condensation water for reuse in plants.
  • Peel waste incorporated to pellets as livestock feed.

One purpose. One soul.

Guarantee a future full of values and opportunities for all children.

Frutas Bollo will donate €1 to the MAAVi Foundation for every 1,000 kilos of melon produced and commercialized in Brazil, thus promoting the personal and professional development of hundreds of children and their families by providing them with a future full of values and new opportunities.

Do you want to join Frutas Bollo and start #MakingThingsHappen?

Estimated impact

We garantee your profitability


Potential yield recovery thanks to efficient aphid pest management

Efficient x2

One single application versus two applications of commonly-used chemical product (Sulfoxaflor) for aphid control.

100% effective x2

Same efficacy as commonly-used chemical product (Sulfoxaflor)

Did you know that the reference chemical (Sulfoxaflor) cannot be used due to the restrictions with the MRLs (Maximum Residue Limits)?

Reduced labor costs
Reduced input costs
Minimum risk of resistance
Nearly full protection against aphids 


We know it. We care for it.

Soil health is our passion.

Because we know what soils can give us, what makes them suffer, and what they need, after 15 years of careful observation and analysis.

We have a different vision: We understand plants not as isolated elements, but as a whole system including not only the plants but also the soil and their surrounding environment.

A living and healthy soil has a positive impact on all life around it. Including people, for example, through the fruits we eat and their aroma, flavor, quality, health properties, etc.  

By choosing our products to ensure soil health, Frutas Bollo is choosing to take care of you, your family, and our planet.

Frutas Bollo chooses a healthy future.


Nature, our means and our goal

15 years obsessed with the power of nature

Tradition and local farming. Frutas Bollo shares our passion, and together, we #MakeThingsHappen.